code lost css configuration

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i instaled your software and minutes later lost css configuration and looks flat, hapen the same with your demo instaled in, i want to upgrade to premium version , but not with this bug.
the software is installed in a godaddy virtual server

please let me know if you can help, so i buy the premium version, otherwise i will install other software
the demo at softaculous is a really old version and at that time i didn't add the automatic detection if the site is using SSL in the install so that's why it looks like that in till i release the new free version. For installing it on godaddy i think it don't work on thier shared hosting but VPS is different because you control the hosting backend and can turn on or off stuff that is needed. We also sell web hosting on our dedicated servers with vary little limits unlike godaddy and offer free SSL on half of our hosting packages.
i need to keep using godaddy virtual server, so i understand i can not use your software in this server ??, even your premium version ??

i tested webid and run well, don't understand why your software does not run

i would like to install the premium version, but first i need to be sure is working well in my server version.

thank you
Yes it should work on GoDaddy vps.
now i have ultimate plan, does it work ?
ok, i assume not working on my actual server, so i will use webid, that works perfect.

thank you for your time