IMPORTING! If you bought premium version the past month

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You have 1 hour to edit your post after posting them.

This is only to users that bought the premium version between November 1 2017 to the present day.

If you bought the premium version between November 1 2017 to the present day please post your paypal transaction ID's here.

It seems that people have been buying the premium version on the Pro-Auction-Script website but i have not received any payments. So i need all the transaction ID's so that i can contact paypal regarding this issue. I also tested the payment system on the Pro-Auction-Script website and it seems to be working correctly.

Please post your paypal transaction ID and the processes you did when you purchased the premium Pro-Auction-Script.

Thank you
Hello Everyone,
I found the issue that was not process the payment and it was updating people to premium. I did fixed the issue and for the member that bought the script your credit card or PayPal was not charged during that time and you will lose your premium account and you will have to purchase the script and after you have purchase the script you will be charged instantly and your account will be updated to premium on the website and forums.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this caused you.

Best Regards
Very nice everyone, I was shocked to see it when I loaded the site. But I love it, will the forum skin be changing?
No the forums skin will not be changed.