Read before posting (How to get your questions answered)
  1. Search the forums with multiple inquiries prior to posting your issue, it is usually very likely the issue your having has already found by someone else, posted and solved.
  2. Post subjects that MEAN something. Subjects like "I need help" are often ignored at least initially and do not help users who come behind you. Your title should be a reasonable indication of what exactly your experiencing.
  3. Describe the problem or question as best as you can we cannot help you If we don't fully understand what the problem is.
  4. Only post one question/issue per thread. Multiple issues in a single thread may not only not get addressed but again do not provide the tracking for future users that it would in multiple threads with good titles attached to each question/issue.
  5. Do not re-post your questions again or in another thread, post only once.
    Questions aren't always answered right away and may take some time. You may consider adding details since often times questions do not get answered because they are too vague.
  6. Of course be polite. There are no bad questions and not everyone has the experience/knowledge (or lack thereof) that you might so always bare this in mind when posting.