I have been offline for a long time due to being extremely busy at work and coming home to deal with family matters and having no time to my self to work on the script but i am going to make time.
Hello rbennett, I PM you.
Sorry but at this time there are no theme demos or pictures and I will work on putting pictures on to the theme pages.
I am working on a up-to-date free version because the free version that is out right now is really old and still using the u-Auctions info and names. I don't know when this version will be released yet because i am still working on it to make sure that everything is perfect.
No the forums skin will not be changed.
I stop paying for the u-Auctions domain because i had this domain and didn't need to pay for 2 domain. The links in the old u-Auctions script are pointing to the wrong address and i am still working on the new free version with the updated addresses and scripting.
errors that are HTTP ERROR 500 and others are from the server and there will be a error log by the sever telling you what failed.
Hi Jason I bought the old U-Auction premium script - but i don't understand, is that premium status transferred to the new script, or do i have to buy the new one? Regards Thomas. No you don't have to buy it again. I did post in everyone's adminCP and on the u-auctions fourms on how to get your pre...
Hello, I am sorry that i have not been online the past few months because i been really busy trying to find a job, health issue, getting evicted from my apartment and i have my girlfriend kids for the summer. So i have not had any free time to my self to work on the script or answer any posts but i ...
You have to be a premium member to login on the u-Auctions website to get the premium code from it.
https://www.u-auctions.com/forum/viewto ... 4559#p4559
Yes it should work on GoDaddy vps.
The premium version comes with like 12 different style and color themes.
I am sorry but you can't it only set for days.
the demo at softaculous is a really old version and at that time i didn't add the automatic detection if the site is using SSL in the install so that's why it looks like that in till i release the new free version. For installing it on godaddy i think it don't work on thier shared hosting but VPS is...
I updated the zip file that has the new fixes at https://www.pro-auction-script.com/ProAuctionScript