Server Requirements

Minimum Web Server Requirements for proper operation for the Pro-Auction-Script

  • Apache web server (Tested and works in Apache 2.4.16 or higher)
  • MySQL Database 4.1 or higher (Tested and works on MySQL 5.6.23 and MariaDB 10.2.17)
  • PHP 5.6.x (Tested and works in PHP 5.6.13)
  • PHP Settings
    • open_basedir (Disabled)
    • Hmac (Enabled)
    • ZipArchive (Enabled)
    • Mcrypt (Enabled)
    • mod_header (Enabled)
      If the PHP-FPM is enabled on the server the PHP Header check will fail because this is a bug in PHP-FPM.
    • GD (version 2.0 or greater) (Enabled)
    • FreeType (Enabled)
    • BC Math (Enabled)
    • Data Objects Support (PDO) (Enabled)
    • allow_url_fopen (Enabled)
    • You will need these settings (Enabled)
      • fopen
      • fread
      • file_get_contents
      • curl
    • One of these need to be Enabled for the security encryption
      • OpenSSL (Recommended)
      • MBString
  • In your php.ini file if you have your error_reporting set as
    • error_reporting=E_ALL
  • Change the error_reporting to
    • error_reporting=E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_WARNING
    If you leave the error_reporting as ( error_reporting=E_ALL ) it will print every little error at the top of the pages. Some times you don't have to change it depends on the server setup


Server Check
If you would like to check if these settings are Enabled in your server you can check by downloading the file and uploaded the requirements.php file to your server and load page to see if your server meets the requirements.