Free License

Copyright: Pro-Auction-Script

Year: 2015 - 2018

This license is for the free Pro-Auction-Script.

You are not allowed to sell this script or re-distributed the Pro-Auction-Script under a different name. The Pro-Auction-Script is copyrighted to Pro-Auction-Script.

If you have been sold the free Pro-Auction-Script from a 3rd party and was not downloaded from the Pro-Auction-Script, Sourceforge or Softaculous Auto Installer websites ask for a refund.

You can install the Pro-Auction-Script on as many domain names and servers as you want.

Softaculous and Sourceforge has the permissions and the rights from Pro-Auction-Script to re-distributed the Pro-Auction-Script.

Copyright Detals
You must leave the Pro-Auction-Script copyright and links on the Pro-Auction-Script. To remove the Pro-Auction-Script copyright from the Pro-Auction-Script you must donate $5.00 to Pro-Auction-Script. Any donations that are over $60.00 will automatically receive the premium Pro-Auction-Script.

If you install the Pro-Auction-Script on multiple domain names and want to delete the copyright you will have to donate $5.00 pre-domain name. After you have donated $5.00 to Pro-Auction-Script please contact the Pro-Auction-Script Admin with your order number, site name, site url, and your site admin email that was used when you setted up your Pro-Auction-Script so that we can update our database that you have donated. After we have updated our database the message in your Pro-Auction-Script admin control panel will be updated to inform you that you can remove the Pro-Auction-Script copyright from your Pro-Auction-Script.

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If you made a donation over $60.00 please refer to our Premium Pro-Auction-Script License.

The collects data from all the free Pro-Auction-Script that are installed and will store your site name, site url and admin email to the u-Auctions database so that the Pro-Auction-Script team can check your Pro-Auction-Script site to make sure that the copyright is on your free Pro-Auction-Script and to check to see if you have donated to Pro-Auction-Script so that you have permission from Pro-Auction-Script to remove the Pro-Auction-Script copyright.

If you have removed the Pro-Auction-Script copyright from your Pro-Auction-Script with out donating $5.00 to Pro-Auction-Script the Pro-Auction-Script team will contact you using your site admin email that you used when you setted up your Pro-Auction-Script to put the Pro-Auction-Script copyright back on to your Pro-Auction-Script script.


Because the Pro-Auction-Script was developed from the webid script and was heavily modified so we have to include the webid GPL license.
The free Pro-Auction-Script is also use the GPL license.


This license is subject to change without notice 

Last updated on 1/31/2018