Free License

Copyright: Pro-Auction-Script

Year: 2015 - 2018

This license is for the free Pro-Auction-Script.

You are not allowed to sell this script or re-distributed the Pro-Auction-Script under a different name. The Pro-Auction-Script is copyrighted to Pro-Auction-Script.

If you have been sold the free Pro-Auction-Script from a 3rd party and was not downloaded from the Pro-Auction-Script, Sourceforge or Softaculous Auto Installer websites ask for a refund.

You can install the Pro-Auction-Script on as many domain names and servers as you want.

Softaculous and Sourceforge has the permissions and the rights from Pro-Auction-Script to re-distributed the Pro-Auction-Script.

Copyright Detals
You must leave the Pro-Auction-Script copyright and links on the Pro-Auction-Script. To remove the Pro-Auction-Script copyright from the Pro-Auction-Script you must donate $5.00 to Pro-Auction-Script. Any donations that are over $59.99 will automatically receive the premium Pro-Auction-Script.

If you install the Pro-Auction-Script on multiple domain names and want to delete the copyright you will have to donate $5.00 pre-domain name. After you have donated $5.00 to the Pro-Auction-Script website the free Pro-Auction-Script will automatically remove the copyright from the script. When you are donating to remove the copyright you will have to enter your domain and the server IP in the donation page so that our database updates the correct details. Our system will check all the installed free Pro-Auction-Script for their domain and IP.

Using localhost as the domain
If you install the free Pro-Auction-Script on your home computer using IIS or WAMP and the free Pro-Auction-Script address is localhost you cannot donate and the copyright will not be removed due to our system does not create a new log for localhost domains.

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If you made a donation over $59.99 please your account will be automatically upgraded to premium and please refer to our Premium Pro-Auction-Script License.

The collects data from all the free Pro-Auction-Script that are installed and will store your site domain, admin email and server IP to the Pro-Auction-Script database so that the Pro-Auction-Script team can check your Pro-Auction-Script site to make sure that the copyright is on your free Pro-Auction-Script and to check to see if you have donated to Pro-Auction-Script so that you have permission from Pro-Auction-Script to remove the Pro-Auction-Script copyright.

If you have removed the Pro-Auction-Script copyright from your Pro-Auction-Script without donating $5.00 to Pro-Auction-Script the Pro-Auction-Script team will contact you using your site admin email address that you used when you setted up your Pro-Auction-Script to put the Pro-Auction-Script copyright back on to your Pro-Auction-Script script.


Because the Pro-Auction-Script was developed from the webid script and was heavily modified so we have to include the webid GPL license.
The free Pro-Auction-Script is also use the GPL license.


This license is subject to change without notice 

Last updated on 8/28/2018