Custom MODs Details

Do you need a custom MOD for your Pro-Auction-Script?

A custom MOD can cost as little as $25.00 and up depending on the complexity of the coding that is required.

  • All details and communication will be done by email.
  • There is a 50% deposit of the MOD price that has to be paid before starting any work on the MOD. 
    • The 50% deposit is put towards the MOD total price.
    • The 50% deposit is not refundable.
    • The 50% deposit is our insurance in case a customer no longer wish to have a MOD built well it is still being developed.
  • At the completion of the MOD there is a 50% completion price that must be paid before reciving the MOD files.
    • At the completion of the MOD the customer must pay the other 50% of the MOD total price.
    • After the customer has paid the 50% completion price of the MOD total price the customer will recive their MOD files with a install file by email.
  • Here is the how the priceing system is broken down too!
       50% MOD price Deposit
    + 50% MOD price at completion
    100% MOD total price
  • A custom MOD can take 3 to 60 days to build.
  • There is no updates for MOD(s).
  • Updating your Pro-Auction-Script to a new version can result your Pro-Auction-Script will not work properly or it can remove the custom MOD.

If you have a idea for your Pro-Auction-Script and need a custom mod to be builted please Click Here to contact us and put "Custom MOD" as the subject.

The Custom MODs Details page is subject to change without notice!
Last Updated on 09/24/2018