About Us

Hello, Welcome to the Pro-Auction-Script website!
My name is Jason I am the CEO and founder of Pro-Auction-Script and is privately owned. The Pro-Auction-Script is based in the USA and was started off as u-Auctions back in 2014 that was just a hobby for me and it has grew in to something much bigger to let other people around the world start their own auction website. I take security very seriously in the script and in the Pro-Auction-Script website that all connections use SSL and the website is hosted off my private dedicated server at My-Hosted-Website that is located in france.



I cannot take all the credit of the auction script because the Pro-Auction-Script use to be a WeBid v1.0.3 script and was heavily modified with coding, features and fixs that WeBid didn't have. The Pro-Auction-Script over the years has been moving to PHP OOP scripting where WeBid has been moving to PHP magic methods scripting so I have been changing the scripting in the file so that people don't think we are stealing WeBid script and selling it and WeBid is aware that I am selling the Pro-Auction-Script but also knows that I do not login/view WeBid forums or github to copy any new scripting and i do know and have the owner of WeBid on Skype for any issues.